The plan to create the original Charleston Steel Company was developed in 1988. John E. Goetz, IV and some other West Virginia businessmen saw the need for a CUSTOMER ORIENTED steel service facility in the Charleston area. The next step was to locate an adequate facility.

During the late 1960’s, there was a steel fabrication business in the area called Furnace Engineering Company. After being in several locations in the Kanawha Valley, Furnace Engineering moved to a facility in Dunbar, West Virginia. This property was developed by Furnace Engineering Company over the next several years.

During the mid 1970’s, Furnace Engineering Company sold the property to Jim Miller & Associates, an engineering and construction firm specializing in fabricated steel for the coal mining industry. Miller & Associates used the property as a steel fabrication shop until the early 1980’s when the property was sold to Armco Mining Company.

Armco Mining Company used the property as a repair and maintenance facility for large trucks and other mining equipment. When Armco Mining Company was purchased by Peabody Coal Company during the mid 1980’s, Peabody Coal Company decided to move the maintenance staff to a different location. The property was vacant until early 1989 when Charleston Steel Company purchased it from Peabody Coal Company.

history1The new company now had a home – five acres of property, a nice size shop, office facilities, and a great location to serve the Kanawha Valley market area. During the first several months of operation, much time was spent buying equipment and bringing in inventory. In October of 1989, John E. Goetz, V (Scott) moved back to West Virginia. Scott had been working for a steel fabrication company in Florida and looked forward to the opportunity of getting this new company started. The elements for success were beginning to fall into place.

Things progressed well for Charleston Steel Company for many years. However, there were changes in the wind. In 2006, some of the Charleston Steel Company management team made the decision to purchase the old Charleston Steel Company and form a new company.

On October 4, 2006, John E. Goetz, IV and John E. Goetz, V bought the assets from the former stockholders and formed a new company called Bismarck Steel, LLC., dba Charleston Steel. Thus, a new Charleston Steel was born. It is our goal to continue the new Charleston Steel in a similar fashion as the old Charleston Steel Company. On March 18, 2022, John E. Goetz, V Purchased the remaining assets from his father.

As was done in the past, we intend to do in the future. Through the dedication and hard work of the employees, the opportunity afforded by our many clients, and the support shown by our suppliers, the new Charleston Steel will pursue a continued commitment to Quality, Service, and a Customer Oriented philosophy. We feel very confident that Charleston Steel will continue to grow and prosper in the future.